Watch How Much Fun A Vietnam Adventure Is

Watch How Much Fun A Vietnam Adventure Is

Watch How Much Fun A Vietnam Adventure Is

Spoiler: It’s A Lot Of Fun

This article originally appeared in Issue 15 of NomadHead Magazine.


Recently I took a group of 18 delightful people on a Busabout adventure tour of Vietnam. And it was so much fun! Not only was it my first guiding trip ever but it was also Busabout’s first endeavour in Asia.


Vietnam is one of my favourite country’s to travel around because it has a little something for everything – the beautiful, green highlands of the north; incredibly peaceful Halong Bay; crystal clear beaches perfect for snorkelling; the busy yet calming Mekong Delta; and a rich and relevant history. Plus it’s all wrapped up in a neat (albeit long!) top to tail bus ride. Read more about Vietnam here.


The only downside I see with this trip is that it’s about two weeks’ too short! As everyone who’s been there agrees, you could easily spend an entire month exploring Vietnam. If only holidays could be extended…


Which is why one of the passengers, Alyce Simone, has achieved the unreal by condensing our 14 day trip into a 4 minute video. This is such a lovely memento of our experiences and one that we’ll no doubt get nostalgic about – if it hasn’t happened already.


Watch below and try not to get jealous.



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What have you done to preserve your travel memories? Ever given up trying to edit all that GoPro footage? Are physical photo albums still a thing? Let us know in the comments!


This article originally appeared on NomadHead Magazine Issue 15. Get your free subscription and read the whole magazine now! Just click here. Or see what else is featured in the magazine by clicking here.


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