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I’m Packing my bags! This magazine rocks! Great articles… especially the one on becoming a hostel expert. Loving it so far! *****Kevin Schmidt


Love it! Beautiful images, with well thought out articles. Perfect for anyone who already has the travel bug, or for those who want to catch it. *****MatthewNeason


Great magazine if you love to travel! I loved how much stuff there was about traveling in England because I’d really love to go there very soon. The language and other cultural information in the magazine is fantastic! ***** – aybandy



Yew!!! Going through Asia and Europe on a mid life crisis as a solo girl traveller, nomad head will keep me safe! Recommend!!! *****Jacquie Gunns


Every parent should subscribe to this – for themselves and their kids. *****LoveMyBiz


A Gap Year Will Ruin Your Life!!! You only have one life, and it’s safest to spend that life in an office. Don’t waste even one precious year on a journey of personal growth and adventure. It’s not worth the risk. Still not convinced of the scientific, mathematically irrefutable evidence condemning gap years? Read the rest of my article in Issue 9, dear reader, and save yourself before it’s too late. Mitch Gordon


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