RECIPE: How To Make Your Own Full Moon Party Bucket

RECIPE: How To Make Your Own Full Moon Party Bucket

How To Make Your Own Full Moon Party Bucket

Buckets of fun


Do you want to have your own Full Moon Party? Here is the quick and easy recipe to make your own bucket of cocktail, just like they make them in party places like Thailand and Vietnam.


Prep time: 60 seconds or you’re doing it wrong.

Serves: 1 bucket for 3 people. Adjust measurements to personal preference.



– M-150 (or similar energy drink)

– 300ml alcohol

– Can of soft drink

– Ice.




Step 1.

Produce a children’s bucket. Spades, flippers and goggles unnecessary.



Step 2.

Drop in ice to the halfway point of the bucket.



Step 3.

Pour in a full bottle of M-150. This is a Thai energy drink like Red Bull that promises to give you Devotion! Courage! Sacrifice! It’s full of ephedrine, which shares a similar chemical structure to amphetamines. It will keep you awake all night.



Step 4.

Add in 300ml of alcohol. If you’re staying true to Thailand, the alcohol will be Sangsom whiskey. Otherwise vodka or rum is OK, just make sure it is the cheap kind that will give you a headache.




Step 5.

Tip in some soft drink mixer. A can of Coke or Sprite is preferable.




Step 6.

Throw in some share straws. The correct formula is to have three times the number of straws for the drinkers. So if you’ve got three friends you’ll need nine straws. It doesn’t need to make sense, it’s a full moon party bucket.



Step 7.

Enjoy! But don’t enjoy it too quickly, this is one lethal cocktail.



Have you drank bucket cocktails before? Let us know in the comments!


William Counsell is a travel enthusiast from Australia. He’s the editor of NomadHead and is currently working as a tour guide in South East Asia.


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