My Perfect Sunday Tour Of Sydney

My Perfect Sunday Tour Of Sydney

My Perfect Sunday Tour Of Sydney

A bit of culture, a bit of sightseeing, a lot of fun

Whenever I’ve got an international friend in Sydney (or even a local!) there is one surefire route I will always take them. It only takes a few hours yet manages to fit in classic Sydney icons alongside some off-the-beaten-track knowledge.


Here’s how my perfect afternoon in Sydney plays out…


Start at the Opera House.


It’s big, bold and beautiful. The eggshell and coathanger (read: Opera House and Harbour Bridge) complement Sydney Harbour magnificently. We start our afternoon here and take a few happy snaps amongst the crowds of tourists.


© See-Ming Lee


Walk to Darling Harbour


On a sunny day you’ll feel inclined to keep walking along the water because it is so pretty here. Avoid the expensive tourist trap restaurants and tacky museum (yes you, Madam Tussauds) and instead go straight to…


Strike Bowling at King Street Wharf

Especially if it’s a Sunday, because Strike Bowling at King Street Wharf have a deal where you buy a beer (or any drink over $6) and get a free game of ten pin bowling thrown in. It’s a great escape from the hot weather outside and gives you a bit of a break from doing all those stressful tourist activities.


Mosey through China Town


There’s a China Town in every major city in the world and I always find something interesting in them. Sydney is no different. Check out the unbelievably long line for the cream puffs – and at $1 for four puffs you’ll be lining up too. But we’ll come back here later because first…


Dumpling time!


I love great value amongst great atmosphere, and this no-named restaurant* has both. Order each of the three styles of dumplings with a side order of their special fried eggplant and you can’t go wrong. Plus it’ll cost you $10 each in a group of four, with change left over.

*Ok, so the restaurant probably does have a name but I prefer the mystery of it without one.


Back to China Town for Ice Cream

Yes, it’s 100% just a gimmick but if you haven’t seen liquid ice cream being nitroglycerined into a frozen solid dessert, complete with waiters in lab coats and scientific-looking white gas, then you haven’t lived. Get the Death By Chocolate with the syringe of peanut butter. Mmm!


Head image by Paul Bica.


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