Khaya: Volunteer in Africa

Khaya: Volunteer in Africa

Khaya: Volunteer In Africa

Ahhhh zabenya! Jugabee wogabole yenya ahh heyyy!


A balance between volunteer work, traveling and adventure; Khaya is the volunteer organization that offers it all! This article originally appeared in the slick NomadHead Gap Year Magazine Issue 11. You should read it there – it’s free to download.


Volunteering or taking a gap year; for some a concept totally foreign, for others their dreams coming through! Anybody can take a plane and knock on some doors to ask if they can help, but for most this is a challenge to big, especially when it is your first time to travel far away and have limited time.


Khaya makes things easy and as a locally present organization we are able to work where it is needed most; right here in South Africa and Tanzania. Our coordinators will welcome you when you arrive, make sure you are looked after, organize fun and exciting weekend tours and generally help you with anything you might need. In this way we can ensure that you get what we promise!


Volunteer in Africa for your gap year

Volunteer in Africa for your gap year © Larry Johnson


As we work and live on location Khaya has created strong links with the projects we work with and has been able to establish several projects themselves. We believe strongly in ethical and responsible volunteering and try to avoid large numbers of volunteers to offer you a unique experience.


Our staff members set themselves the goal to offer personal service to create exciting and affordable volunteering experiences for international travelers in all ages.


Gap year in Africa

Gap year in Africa © Rod Waddington


Our projects are located in South Africa, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The programs vary and offer opportunities for those who wants to work with children, communities, wildlife, conservation, education or sports development projects. The volunteer projects that Khaya works with are small and handpicked. Our focus is to uplift and support those projects which need more help and creating a win-win situation for all involved.


We allow our volunteers the opportunity to get involved and discover the local culture, travel to some of the most awesome destinations, meet local people and get the chance to learn and see as much as possible. So what’s keeping you; pack your bag and come to Africa!


If you like to join one of our projects it’s simple and quick. Potential volunteers can apply online through our website Simply fill in the application form and include your CV and cover letter and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


Finally; a volunteering experience, whatever the time spend (a few weeks or 6 months) will change you forever. It will add value, inspire you and allow you to mostly learn more about yourself! An experience you will cherish forever.


For more information feel free to email us at

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This article originally appeared on NomadHead Magazine Issue 11. Get your free subscription now and read the magazine for free! Just click here. Or see what else is featured in the magazine by clicking here.

  • Elena Nacheva

    It´s a good idea, I´m currently looking for a place to volunteer in Africa (but in a French speaking country) I will have a look though. Thanks for sharing

    • NomadHead

      Do you speak French or are you looking to learn? Because if it’s the latter, immersing yourself in a foreign language is definitely the best way to go about it! Would love to hear about your African adventures, make sure you share :-)

  • Christine Messina

    I’m gonna look into this. I always wanted to volunteer!

    • NomadHead

      If it’s on your bucket list make sure you tick it off! I recommend volunteer teaching in Asia – I taught there and it was an incredible experience.

  • Stephen Parry

    I really would like to volunteer in Africa one day – and this has pushed me to do it even more.

    • NomadHead

      It looks like an amazing experience doesn’t it. On the bucket list for sure :)

  • Michelle

    Just been checking out the Khaya website – I’ll be TEFL qualified in a few weeks, so this could be a good place to start volunteering.

    • NomadHead

      I taught English in rural Thailand and it was a life-changing experience! You’re going to have the best of times!

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