Issue 8

Issue 8 of Your Gap Year Travel Magazine


Calling all nomads! This one’s for you. Inside this massive issue of NomadHead Gap Year magazine is 66 pages of travel inspiration to give you a severe case of itchy feet.
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Sorry not sorry about the itchy feet.

Issue 8 Features:
  • A Beginners Guide To Couchsurfing
  • 25 Places To See Before You Die (video)
  • Traveller Experience: Teaching English in Japan
  • How You Can Get Free Tours of Europe
  • Top Hits From Chile, Ireland and Cambodia (music)
  • Play Smarty Pins warning: addictive!
  • 10 Must See Things in New York (video)
  • Traveling Abroad To Work: Interview with 2 Australians
  • Your Instagram Photo (competition)
  • Being Safe Abroad: Advice For Solo Female Travellers (female travel advice)
  • Six Delicious Sri Lankan Foods That Will Make You Salivate
  • Epic 80 Day Travel Montage (video)
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