Issue 6

The Issue With The Cute Kids On The Front Cover

Don’t you wish you took that shot?


Whoa another massive issue of NomadHead gap year magazine to own! And this one comes with a 100% guarantee that you will stare off into the distance and think: “I wonder what’s out there?”

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  • “I’m Not Pregnant, Just Embarrassed!”: Teaching English In Spain’s Most Remote Region
  • The 3 Year Epic Travel Selfie (video)
  • How To Make The Best Steak Fajita (cook)
  • 10 Things To Know About Paris (video)
  • Unreal Urban Surfing In Munich (video)
  • That Funny Time I Stepped On A Landmine In Cambodia
  • Play Sporcle (game)
  • 10 Important Steps To Help You Choose The Best Hostel For You
  • My Top 6 In-Flight Essentials
  • Exclusive! Free Book Chapter of the Modern Nomads Backpack: A Guide To Packing Light For Round The World Travel
  • Your Instagram Photo (competition)
  • Hear Something Different: Popular Songs From Iran, New Zealand & Belgium (music)
  • Plus all the hottest online travel articles and information for your dream gap year adventure!
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