Issue 10

The 10th Issue Special!


Yes, this is the issue we write about Justin Bieber. But it’s all uphill from there!

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  • Harlem Shake at 30,000ft (video)
  • 12 Little Things I Don’t Miss About My UK Gap Year
  • How to dine with the locals from BonAppetour (voucher)
  • Tacky Souvenir Quiz
  • Travel Insurance Facts
  • Exclusive Gap Year Book excerpt ‘Now What’
  • 10 Things To Do in Prague (video)
  • Why Justin Bieber Needs A Gap Year
  • The Amazing Currency Converter App (review)
  • Heard Around The World (feat. songs from New Zealand, Latvia & Kenya) (music)
  • Your Instagram Photo (competition)
  • Tuk Tuk Transport Guide
  • Plus all the hottest online travel articles and information for your dream gap year adventure!
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