Issue 1

The Virgin Issue Of NomadHead Gap Year Magazine

Preparing for adventure around the world for the very first time!


We weren’t sure what to expect when we launched NomadHead. Would people want a gap year magazine? That is delivered to their iPad or iPhone every month? With all the best gap year advice and travel information? That is 100% free to subscribe to?

Join the NomadHead gap year community now by subscribing here. It’s the first step for the greatest adventure of your life (so far!).


Issue 1 Features:


  • Gap Year FAQ
  • A Volunteer’s Journey To Africa
  • A Gap Yah To Remember (video)
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel (Do You Really Need More Than One?)
  • An Expert Backpacker Gives Money Tips On How You Can Afford Your Dream Gap Year
  • Yummy Banh Xeo, Or Vietnamese Pancakes (cook) (video)
  • Test Your World Skills With Geo Guessr (play)
  • Danny’s Gap Year Summer In Nicaragua
  • Gear To Get You Going (resources)
  • Plus all the hottest online travel articles and information for your dream gap year adventure!
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