Help Us Make A Pair Of Gold Lion’s Number One On TripAdvisor

Help Us Make A Pair Of Gold Lion’s Number One On TripAdvisor

Help Us Make A Pair Of Gold Lion’s Number One On TripAdvisor

Gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is



Call it dishonest. Call it lying. Call it mischief. But hey, it’s the internet and you can’t trust what’s on the internet right?


A friend of mine, Seb, is on a mission to make a pair of Gold Lion statues the number one tourist attraction in Sihanoukville according to TripAdvisor. Sihanoukville is a beachside town in Cambodia and the place to go to let your hair down in this otherwise conservative country. The lion statues sit atop a large roundabout in the centre of town and are a helpful landmark for orientation. What makes them extra special is the attention to detail that the sculptor has gone to – if you look at the male lion from behind you will see a colossal pair of Gold Lion Balls.


Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of great things to do in Sihanoukville rather than stare at shiny lion testicles. You can go on a full day boat cruise amongst perfect white sand islands and swim and snorkel until your hands go pruney. You can get a massage on the beach by an old woman with padlock strength. You can walk along the beach and buy knick knacks and drink cocktails until the day fades away.



Which is probably why it’s so randomly funny that the statues are even on TripAdvisor in the first place. So far (August 2015) it has received 209 reviews and is ranked #20 out of 53 things to do in Sihanoukville. Which means travellers other than Seb and I have been reviewing it. Currently it’s got a wide spread of critics, with 44 calling it excellent, the majority calling it average, and a miserable 10 people trashing it completely.



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Here are some of the stellar comments it has received so far.



Cracking pair of felines! Very Cambodian though not to be taken too seriously. Im a sculpture fanatic and this one made me smile. Have a goose at these bad boys at the top of the strip.Paddydotty




Best thing to see in Cambodia! The statue of the lions is majestic and smack in the middle of town plus a pic of you and the ball(s) makes a great photo to bring back home.Hannah_B



Glorious golden balls! I had heard a few times of the golden lions and their magnificent balls in Sihanoukville but nothing could prepare me for the real deal. A true must-see for all tourists! Really made my day.GS_1092




Solid Gold! Some of the best gigantic gold lion statues I have ever been lucky enough to witness. Really stands out from others due to the inclusion of the shaft by the balls.sszymeczko




So bad it’s actually good! If you are in Sihanoukville even for an hour, you will definitely not miss those huge, shiny, extremely kitschy and quite ridiculous golden lions! They are simply sooo horrible that you just cannot stop looking at them, admiring the absolutely absurd atmosphere these two create in the simple roundabout. They are so boldly bad that I came to love them
A true symbol of Sihanoukville :)Larrystarrrdust




Some reviews were less impressed.


It’s just a lion statue. Its just a lion statue in the middle of a roundabout, certainly nothing to write home about or see it for a specific reason! Richard_H


Ok lighten up Richard H!


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And for anyone wanting some sort of historical reasoning as to why there is a pair of Gold Lions on a roundabout in Sihanoukville, it is because the town’s namesake is the old, beloved king, King Sihanouk. Sihanouk means ‘lion jaw’ in Khmer (which is pretty badass) and hence the lions. Whether or not the raucous town of Sihanoukville is an appropriate place to be named after royalty is another question.



Leave a comment below if you have seen the Golden Lions of Sihanoukville (and think they’re worth the number one spot!).


Or let us know if you have ever given a bias review on TripAdvisor.


We love to hear from you.


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