Gap Year Selfie: Working Holiday In Australia

Gap Year Selfie: Working Holiday In Australia

Gap Year Selfie: Working Holiday In Australia

We guarantee that in 3 minutes and 56 seconds you’ll be booking a flight to Australia

Alex Constandinou tells us about his working holiday adventure in Australia. It’s no ordinary gap year – he’s captured his trip in a way only a millennial knows how. Read his story below then watch the inspirational video. And if you haven’t already gotten your free subscription to NomadHead Gap Year Travel Magazine – come on! – get it here now. It’s bursting with gap year goodness. Check out what’s featured in the fresh new issue 12 of NomadHead magazine here.

When I was 23 years old, I quit my job and left Canada for a soul-searching voyage to the other side of the world. As I explored Australia, the Philippines and other neighbouring countries, I captured selfies everywhere I went. The resulting compilation shows the extent of my travels throughout 2014, proving to anyone who wasn’t already convinced that a working holiday can leave you with treasured memories for life.


I remember the moment when I decided to plan for this gap year. I went to a book store, and I pulled out a book written by the monk who sold his Ferrari Robin Sharma. I read a line that said something along the lines of…


“If you could write your own biography, how would it go… You have the pen in your hands”


That’s when I pictured myself quitting my job, packing my bags, and moving to Australia for a year abroad.


In addition, on my spare time I’ve researched how different cultures have a coming of age ritual, where a boy becomes a man through enduring some type of tribal right of passage. This made me think how our culture doesn’t have one, and how that is impacting me as a young adult. I’m trying to make the transition from boy to man, but there is no ritual, no way of knowing if I made it across. So I thought that leaving home for one year, and having to make it out on my own for a whole year would be that test. That would be my coming of age ritual that I made for myself.


A lot of people have asked me if I think I am wasting a year abroad.


I tell them Hell No.


It isn’t a race from school to your first job to a career. Taking that year off is a break for personal development. It is your turn to be selfish, and have one year to figure things out. You will have many other years ahead to race up the corporate ladder, so what’s the hurry?



Did Alex’s video inspire you? Leave a comment below and tell us where your dream gap year holiday is. If you’re already a gappie, tell us where you travelled to and whether it was the greatest experience of your life (we’ve got a funny feeling it might have been!).


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  • Courtney Fontain

    Love this! Alex your video made me laugh sooo much. I’m an Aussie so won’t be spending my gap year here but I really want to go to London. Maybe I’ll have to take a selfie myself xox

    • NomadHead

      Glad you’ve been inspired Courtney! Make sure you subscribe for expert gap year advice – and see Issue 4 of our magazine for the UK special.

    • Alexandros Constandinou

      Thanks courtney, glad you like the video! You should totally do a selfie video on your trip. Get in touch with me if you do!

  • differentdoors

    As someone who first heard of the term “Gap Year” when she was 16 travelling across Australia, I was thrilled to meet and speak with other Gap Year travellers who were so close to my age but seemed so much more mature and independent. And with all the work/ volunteer gigs australia offers gap year travellers, it seems like this was definitely a great pick!

    • NomadHead

      It’s easily one of the best life experiences you can have! And then the itchy feet kick in and you find you just can’t stop taking them…. Don’t you think Alex has had an absolute ball? He really should be smiling more in the video!

      • Alexandros Constandinou

        haha it was tough not to smile in many situation lol

  • Joao Sa

    Love the video, congratulations!

  • Rocky Travel Blog

    Lovely video! I must show this to my nephew, who is 18! I am sure it will spark his curiosity to take a gap year to Australia. Congrats!

    • NomadHead

      It’s the perfect spark to give someone the travel itch isn’t it? Glad you liked it!

  • Phillip Rivera

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  • montanitavacationrentals

    i’m loving it . <3

  • Move Migration

    Thanks for your story. I’d like to share a useful ebook resource for those moving to Australia and who are finding the visa process confusing:

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