Cheap Gap Year Flights

Cheap gap year flights

Cheap gap year flights © langersehnt

Cheap Gap Year Flights

I’m not scared of flying; it’s the thought of not flying that terrifies me.


The NomadHead philosophy with flying is simple.

Get the cheapest fare possible.

Sure, people moan about leg room and plain plane food and queuing in lines and needing to print out tickets.

And they are right to bitch.

Saving money on flights will  mean you’ll have cramped legs and be served cardboard for dinner (if you’re lucky) and you’ll spend hours waiting and  – god forbid – have to remember to print out your ticket.

I put up with all of the above with a smug little smile on my face. Because when an 8 hour uncomfortable flight equates to a fortnights’ worth of wages, that is a good deal my friends.

If you agree with this way of tight-arse thinking, see below for a list of cheap airlines to subscribe to. If you sign up to their mailing list, every now and then you’ll be sent a mouth watering budget flight. We’ve divided them into regions to make life easier for everyone.




  • Scoot. Every Tuesday morning Scoot will send you their ‘Morning Glory’ discount flight offer. With fares from Perth to Singapore starting from as low as $139, I’m yet to have a more satisfying morning glory. FYI Scoot is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, like Jet Star is to Qantas.
  • STA Travel. Great discount fares, especially for those youngsters under 26.
  • Air Asia. If I could marry an airline it would be Air Asia. They offer cheap flights from all state capitals in Oz to their hub at Kuala Lumpur. For instance an ordinary flight from Sydney to KL is $299. From KL you can then jump on another flight to anywhere in Asia for the cost of a domestic flight (practically).



How To Get The Cheapest Flights
– Do fly mid-week

– Do fly early in the morning or late at night

– Do fly in low season (Spring and Autumn)

– Do make use of sales. These sometimes appear 3-5 weeks prior to departure, however this is by no means guaranteed.

– Don’t fly during public holidays.

– Don’t book your ticket less than two weeks in advance

– Opt for return tickets, but keep in mind, in most cases airlines will charge extra fees for changes of date or time.



North America


  • TravelZoo.  They send you a lot of bogus package deals that you can quickly send to the trash, but keep an eye open for their incredible deals that appeal to the traveller in you. For instance, I was planning a long weekend in Las Vegas when serendipity called – TravelZoo had a 2-4-1 offer that saw four guys share a double room for $30 a night. Total. Including pool access. At Hooters.
  • Spirit. Spirit Airlines is the leading Ultra Low Cost Carrier in the United States, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America.
  • Southwest  Airlines. The famously informal carrier that started from a business plan scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin.





  • Ryanair. I previously said if I could marry an airline it would be Air Asia. If I could have a mistress, it would be with Ryanair. They’re the airline that all the whingers love to hate (see this crazy hater) but if you play by the rules you’ll take advantage of their ridiculously cheap fares. Like 10 quid to fly to Germany for the weekend.
  • Easy Jet. All discount carriers need to have a competitor, and Easy Jet is Ryanair‘s. Before you hit ‘book’ with Ryanair, compare it with Easy Jet.f
  • Wizz Air. This budget airline focuses on Eastern Europe, so if you’re flying from Ljubljana to Bucharest this is the place to look. Plus their name = hysterical.




  • Air Asia. From their hub in Kuala Lumpur they offer super cheap flights around Asia.



Have a recommendation?
We’re always on the look out for more super cheap gap year flights, so if you have a hot tip please let us know. Send an email to or comment below and we’ll add it to our list. If you write a review of an airline we will even feature you in a blog post.

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