Busabout Vietnam Adventure

Busabout Vietnam Adventure

Busabout Vietnam Adventure

My favourite country to see as a tourist


My favourite country to tour is the Busabout Vietnam Adventure because it has it all: beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, rice terrace scenery, an unbearably interesting history, glorious food (so, so glorious!) & the nicest people. If you’re after everything, Vietnam has to be experienced.


Below is the trip details for the Busabout Vietnam Adventure. This trip includes:

  • 13 night’s accommodation in 2 and 3 star hotels,
  • 13 breakfasts
  • All transport between destinations (private bus)
  • A day trip in Hue with a local guide
  • Cycle tour with a local guide in Mai Chau
  • Options for extra days in Halong Bay, Sapa and the Mekong Delta
  • Plus a fantastic Western Busabout guide. It could be me leading you!


I can get you a great deal on your Busabout tour if you book through me. So shoot me an email (william@nomadhead.com) with the trip you want to go on and I’ll let you know what hot deal I can do for you! Or if you have any other questions about the trips. Don’t forget to check out the Busabout website too.



Hanoi is an incredibly energetic city and it’s contagious, and why I love it. There is so much going on with 6.5 million people living in the capital and you’ll be throwing yourself right into the thick of it. It used to be called Thang Long, which means Soaring Dragon after a ruling lord claimed he saw a dragon come out of the Red River. But in 1831 it was changed to Hanoi which means something far less cool, ‘Between Rivers’. See the Hoan Kiem Lake, the main landmark of Hanoi, and on the outskirts of this is the impressive Water Puppet Theatre – one of the only one’s in the world. When you’re worn out from walking through museums, pagodas and markets, make sure you take the time to get a fresh fruit shake in the Old Quarter and sit back and people watch.


Halong Bay

A majestic Halong Bay cruise is a world class adventure and an essential part of any trip to Vietnam. Slowly drift between towering karst islands and marvel at their beauty. As the sun sets on the first night go for a refreshing swim then grab an ice cold Halong beer. You’ll stay the first night aboard the boat and feast on a tasty Vietnamese dinner. The next day, visit a floating village where the locals need to paddle to get around. Then hop in a kayak and paddle yourself around the gigantic rocky cliffs. At the end of the trip you’ll understand why the amazing Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Optional mini adventure.


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A teahouse trek through the magical Sapa mountains is a memorable experience. Walk alongside hill tribe villagers who have been native to this area for centuries and gain insight into their lifestyle and unique customs. Their brightly coloured traditional dresses contrasts with the rich greenery of the highlands and the creeping white mist, making for some spectacular photos. Overnight, be adopted by a local family and get settled into their own home. Make sure you join in when the rice whiskey gets offered around and don’t forget to cheers with moht, hai, ba, yohhh! Optional mini adventure.


Mai Chau

Venture off the beaten track and visit Mai Chau, a delightful rural town of lush green rice fields nestled beneath looming karst mountains. The highlight here is cycling along the winding paths through the natural landscape and seeing the villagers go about their daily lives. You can even get involved and help weave scarves, which is still done by hand. The accommodation here is special as you sleep in a traditional Vietnamese stilt house and eat enormous, delicious home-cooked meals.


Phong Nha

In Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park you’re going to be seeing one of the world’s oldest and largest cave systems that includes over 100km of underground rivers and caves. That’s a bit too much to see in one day but we’ll do our best to explore the best bits. The caves formed some 400 million years ago and are made from karst (my favourite rock, PS!). The highlight of being a speologist for the day (yes, that’s what a professional karst cave explorer is called) is the so-called Dark Cave with a natural mud bath. It’s a sensation unlike any other and needs to be experienced.



Hue is an important city in Vietnam as it was the imperial capital city during the Nguyen dynasty. It was the capital for about 150 years, from 1802 until 1945. During the war it was ravaged because of its close proximity to the DMZ – it is practically at the halfway point between the north and south armies. It’s slowly being rebuilt, so much so that it has had the UNESCO seal of approval in 1993. Highlights of Hue include the Thien Mu Pagoda and the royal palace.

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Hoi An

The beauty with Hoi An is that it’s been able to retain this ancient trading post look and feel. Walking down the streets you’re still going to feel like an early explorer, although these days it’s t-shirt and cocktail shops you’ll be discovering. It’s an interesting mix of heritage architecture, including Chinese temples, French-colonial houses, pagodas and canals. Hoi An’s beauty has been acknowledged by UNESCO in 1999 when it was made a World Heritage Site. The name ‘Hoi An’ means ‘peaceful meeting place’. It’s an easy town to love and a tourist favourite. Make sure you visit one of the hundreds of tailors here!


Nha Trang

It’s time to hit the beach. Nha Trang is like Australia’s Gold Coast or Miami beach. It’s full of high rises, glitzy clubs and seafood restaurants, which is definitely a change of scenery. The essential thing to do in Nha Trang is a snorkel tour which takes you to marine protected waters where you can discover varieties of colourful fish and coral.



Dalat is a postcard perfect town located high in the southern mountains that was originally founded by a French doctor as a resort town for French dignitaries in the 1890s. It saw very little of the war, so it’s retained much of its French charm as well as getting fused with the Vietnamese kitschiness of love, as it’s an extremely popular honeymoon destination for the locals. You’ll see swan paddle boats in the Xuan Huong Lake, cheesy, almost Christmas themed lights on the street poles, and plenty of Vietnamese couples posing for dreamy eyed photographs. Ah, young love.


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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam with 9 million people. It’s an interesting mix of communism and capitalism in the former stronghold of the American army, and hard to wrap your head around. Digging into the history books is the main prerogative here as the Cu Chi tunnels showcase what life was like for a hardened Viet Cong soldier. Also essentials is the grim War Remnants Museum, which tells a difficult truth about what really happened in the Vietnam War. The Agent Orange section in particular will burn into your memory.


Mekong Delta

The mighty Mekong River is the lifeblood of southeast Asia and a trip to see it up close and personal is a must. In the south of Vietnam a lot of people survive off the Mekong, whether it be for food, living or transport. This excursion includes a scenic boat trip down coconut tree lined channels and a home stay overlooking the river. During the day you’ll learn the secrets to various Vietnamese skills, from beekeeping to playing traditional instruments to creating coconut candies. Optional mini adventure.


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