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William Counsell


The NomadHead Story begins in 1999, when a young 11-year-old nomad made his first venture overseas. William Counsell joined his father on a ‘Millennium Trek’ in Nepal that saw them both do the Everest Panorama Trek. Of course the Y2K bug didn’t strike but the travel bug did bite. Since then William has been on several big trips abroad.


Gap Year Asia – 2007


As an 18 year old, William travelled to Southeast Asia for his inaugural gap year. For three months he taught at a regional school in Thailand that is run by the Condom King and owner of restaurant chain Cabbages & Condoms, Mechai Viravaidya. He decided he liked it there, so stayed on for a few more months.

William then went to Battambang village in Cambodia and stayed in an isolated village teaching English there. He kept the older students fascinated by his retelling of ‘Aladdin’, and tried teaching the juniors how to play cricket (impossibly hard with only one person who knows the rules!).

Afterwards he backpacked extensively throughout this region. William flew to Burma for a month and realised how grossly naive of this country he was. He explored Laos, went from the tail to the tip of Vietnam, spent 10 days in India and wound up in Nepal. There he interned in the office at Ama Dablam Adventures, a local adventure company. Afterwards he went on two treks as an assistant guide, one of which was to Everest Base Camp.




Gap Year Europe – 2010


In his second year of university, William took advantage of a study abroad program and won a scholarship to HAN Business School in The Netherlands. During this time he travelled throughout the continent solo and with his gappie friends. To travel gloat through the myriad of nations in Europe, he visited: Spain, Germany, Portugal, England, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Ireland. A highlight was a two week trip to Morocco – great because of the grittiness and heightened culture shock.




Gap Year Americas – 2012


William’s feet were growing restless again in 2012, and when the opportunity to have another study abroad semester rose he couldn’t let it pass. This time he studied at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, in the United States. He’d wanted the real ‘small town college experience’ and he certainly achieved that. During this period William also travelled the East and West coasts and developed a small belly from all the fast food.




The plan then went south of the border, all the way down to Bolivia. From here William and a friend independently backpacked up to Mexico over the course of 6 or so months. To get there they rode chicken buses, luxury buses, planes, trekked and sailed their way through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua – with a little sneaky side trip into Cuba.




What Next?


Watch this space! Exciting new travel plans coming soon, very soon. Gap year #4


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